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TAN Jian-Chung : In search of harmony.

TAN Jian-Chung is a Taiwanese artist, graduate of national art schools in Taiwan and France, former student of the Chinese painting masters LI CHI-MAO and SU FENG NAN.

He combines in his work, with Indian ink or watercolor, the traditional expression of Chinese painting with contributions of Western abstraction to propose works of meditation.

Unlike Western painting, Chinese painting is not a reproduction, but rather the expression of a way of thinking, emphasizing the harmony between man and the universe.

Drawing on the dual tradition of Chinese and Western painting, TAN Jian-Chung seeks to liberate

the traditional Chinese brush technique to introduce new forms and a technique even more free than Xieyi Hua, (Write the idea or Write the intention), a free drawing where impressions are expressed, by means of broad strokes.

He seeks to convey through his painting his vision of the harmony that should exist between man and nature.

This theme is central to traditional Chinese painting, Tan Jian-Chung seeks to create imaginary and serene worlds where the contemplation of color takes us into the world and causes a vibration of the soul that leads to a feeling of calmness in the viewer.

To achieve this result, the painter must put his technique, mastered by a long apprenticeship with his masters, at the service of his thought. Through meditation and openness to the spiritual world around him. The painter, with each stroke of his brush, creates these worlds in harmony.

Exhibitions :

2020 : KOO Gallery, Hong-Kong, China

2019 : Ars Essentia Gallery, Beaune, France

2018 : Paris Contemporary Art Show, YIA ART FAIR 2018, Le Carreau du Temple,

Gallery MARCO ANTONIO PATRIZIO, Paris, France.

2018 : Camaver Kunsthaus, Florence, Italy.

2018 : 19th International Exhibition, Esart Galeria, Barcelona, Spain

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