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portrait du galeriste Cedric LE BORGNE

Here you are on the website of ARS ESSENTIA, a contemporary art gallery located in Beaune, Burgundy, in the heart of the wine coast.
Why ARS ESSENTIA? The name of the gallery comes from the Latin ars essentiae, which translates as the essence of art. This name symbolizes the guiding line of the gallery's artistic choices: to present works of art that express both an artistic vision, a conscious choice by the artist of his expression, and a formal quality in the realization and this whatever the technique.
A work of art must be able to be appreciated beyond the discourse, it must be meaningful for the spectator without pre-constructed discourse, it must move, amaze, disconcert, sublimate... in short the work must first create this spark in the spectator which gives him the desire to better understand the objective of the artist and his intention. Love at first sight before the speeches!

You will also find advice for your contemporary art purchases and the management of your art collections.

Also, don't hesitate to come and visit me and take advantage of my advice.

vue extérieure galerie d'art Ars Essentia Beaune

Art and nothing but art, we have art, so as not to die of the truth.

Friedrich nietzsche
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