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Isabelle Carabantes was born in 1965 in Paris.

She learned sculpture in different workshops and studied modeling after a live model by working on volumes in space, axes and plans, at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts in Paris in the studio of Philippe Jourdain.

The artist, mainly focused on the animal world, does not choose the work of a naturalist. After having previously studied the anatomy and social life of her subjects, she deviates from it for a spontaneous realization. It is a question of capturing an emotion, of stealing a moment of life with all the strength and the wild beauty of its subjects. Her modeling vibrates with an energy that is both powerful and delicate, that of a wild and threatened allegorical world: our own.

Art Gallery, ARS ESSENTIA, Beaune, Bourgogne, France.

fragment de léopard
fragment de leopard
Lievre par Isabelle carabantes
Tête de caracal
tete de guépard
tête de guépard
Ours blanc assis
ours blanc assis
Lionne assise
Lionne assise
tete de guépard
tete de guépard
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