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JEAN-NO's work is built on a paradox that only the artist knows how to sublimate by a mysterious alchemy.
From a dense and hard material the steel, JEAN-NO draws fluid and light forms. From recycled materials made up of metal parts gleaned from the metal salvager, he transforms them into sparkling sculptures, true jewels of faceted steel.
JEAN-NO is originally from the Vosges. He doesn't bother with circumlocutions to realize his works or to talk about them. He is frank, direct, sincere and authentic like the mountains where he was born.
He works by welding and fusing metal: welding these pieces together creates a bond that gives life to a new and unique form. To amalgamate by fusion: it is to return to the minerality of the matter. To create an amalgam, to start again what is created in the heart of the earth's crust, is to give a geological dimension to the material. The approach of the sculptor is thus alchemical. It presents in its essence a mystical dimension, its Work aiming at reconciling the antagonisms to sublimate the found harmonies. Like a demiurge, JEAN-NO transmutes matter to create his philosopher's stone: sculptures that incite us to meditation.

Art Gallery, ARS ESSENTIA, Beaune, Bourgogne, France.

petit gorille
petit gorille sculpture
sphère sculpture
sculpture de dame en acier
sphère sculpture
détail de sculpture en acier
tête de femme sculpture
sculpture de Jean-No
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