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Jean-Francois LAURENT

Jean-François LAURENT was born on September 2, 1949 in Dieuze. He has been practicing sculpture since the 70s. After working with wood, stone and ceramics, he turned to bronze and set up his own foundry, where he cast his own sculptures using the lost wax technique.
He masters all the steps involved in the realization of his works: from modeling to casting, finishing with the patina, which he considers as a garment that dresses his sculptures.
He develops a personal sculpture, strongly marked by his humanist sensitivity. His source of inspiration is fundamentally man.

Public realizations :
Sculpture bas relief bronze, homage to Eugene Rolland, founder of the tobacco and match factories - Metz / Sculpture "Sainte Marie-Madeleine" bronze, Salines Royales, Pavillon "La Délivrance" - Dieuze / Sculpture residence, Choisy-Le-Roy / Monumental sculpture velodrome - Vandoeuvre / Bronze sculpture, monument to the dead, battle of Lidrezing- zarbeling / Monumental bronze sculpture, André Malraux high school - Remiremont / Monumental sculpture for the Bicentennial of the French Revolution - Dieuze.

Art Gallery, ARS ESSENTIA, Beaune, Bourgogne, France.

Forme humaine
Homme mire
homme toge
vie intérieure
personnage tourmenté
vie intérieure
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