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Romano Zanotti : Sensitive geometries

Optical Art is experiencing a real renaissance in the contemporary scene and the undeniable focus of this movement is Victor Vasarely. But there were other notable artists such as Romano Zanotti (1934-2019). Born from futurism and abstract art, Optical Art takes shape in the years 1955 following the exhibition "Movement" at the Denise René Gallery in Paris where Zanotti was exhibited for more than 15 years alongside Vasarely, Soto and Agam.

Kinetic Art focused on the use of light and movement by exploiting the phenomena of vision. It creates a new mode of composition and questions the passivity of the viewer. Born in Italy in 1934, Romano Zanotti abandoned figurative representation in the 60s to turn to this artistic movement. In 1967, he joined the group CO-MO (Constructivism and Movement) until 1972. In his work, this translated into research around a space of tension and balance where the curve is omnipresent.

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