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Financing: leasing

For businesses and liberal professions in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, leasing has financial and fiscal interests. This solution allows you to spread the cost of the investment over several months and does not affect your borrowing capacity.

fiscally, the rents are deductible from the taxable result and thus reduce your taxable result or your IRPP for liberal professions.

End of the contract: The lessee can acquire the work by exercising the purchase option on the basis of the residual value defined at the start of the contract.

You can choose the work that suits you, whether the artist is alive or deceased.

Unlike the acquisition under article 238 bis AB of the general tax code.

A purchase amount spread over 13 to 48 months, allowing the economy to be smoothed over the period of its choice.

VAT on rental rents is recoverable for taxable persons.

(unlike VAT on works of art: CGI 297 A-III)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to acquire a work by this means, we will facilitate the procedures for you.

Galerie d'art, ARS ESSENTIA, Beaune, Bourgogne, France.

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